Umbrian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Il Moraiolo

Umbrian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Il Moraiolo

The organic extra virgin olive oil “Il Moraiolo”
was born from the deep conviction of the farmer Domenico Carbonetti, of the value of life lived in simplicity while respecting the environment and in harmony with nature.

Olive grower of long tradition, a profound connoisseur of the techniques of cultivation and processing of olives , has been able, over the course of his 50 years of experience, to gradually improve the quality of a fundamental product in the food, the extra virgin olive oil ‘Umbro “Il Moraiolo”.

These values have been fully transferred to his granddaughter Alessandra who continues the tradition by producing superior quality extra virgin olive oil organically.
Being a small family business, the amount of extra virgin olive oil Organic, produced each year is very LIMITED, so we try to achieve the highest quality.
The PDO and Organic olives, come exclusively from the olive trees of the farm “Il Moraiolo” mainly of cultivar “Moraiolo” that are grown with ORGANIC farming techniques.

The care and respect for natural cycle of our plants, 1300 olive trees, mean that every year we admire a more or less abundant flowering depending on the climate, what will then determine the final product.
We cannot replace nature, we must go along with her in order to make the most of what she gives us.

The olives are harvested starting in October, and the oil is extracted by exclusively mechanical and cold-pressed methods. During this period, olives are rich in chlorophyll, and the resulting oil will contain many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances.

Polyphenols influence the organoleptic characteristics of extra virgin olive oil, fruity aroma, spicy and bitter taste.

Consumption of extra virgin olive oil, combined with a healthy diet and a proper lifestyle, brings positive effects on human health.


Intense Green


Intense and fruity



Bitter and spicy sensation reminiscent of fresh olives and wild field herbs, with hints of artichoke


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